About Us | Art Plads


ArtPlads.com is a global online marketplace for contemporary and fine arts with specialization in Nepalese handmade paintings and artworks.

We are Nepalese contemporary and fine art gallery | kunst Galleri based in Copenhagen, and we also promote and sale original Nepalese artworks via artplads.com 

Our main objective is to contribute towards a sustained growth and development of Nepalese contemporary and fine arts by providing an ecommerce platform for local Nepalese artists (both renowned as well as young emerging talents) to promote their artworks and creation in the national and international market.

We feature wide varieties of original hand painted Nepalese paintings and contemporary arts in various styles and mediums like oil color, water color, acrylic color, charcoal, collage, mixed media, etchings and more at an affordable price.

While our website mainly features artworks from Nepalese artists, we are also open to feature artworks from international artists.

Nepalese or international artists who would like to feature their artworks in our website, please reach out to us via Contact Us.