Catalog | Art Plads provides wide variety of contemporary and fine arts in different media, theme and sizes mainly featuring local and well-known artist from Nepal. Over the course of time we will be expanding our online catalog to include more artworks form Nepal as well as feature artworks from international artists outside of Nepal.

1. FINE ART: This category comprises original artworks in various media and themes created by local Nepalese artists from different regions of Nepal. While these are 100% hand painted artworks, the artist may recreate a similar art piece more than once. However, none of the art piece recreated will look exactly the same as there will always be slight variation in color, composition, sketches, expression, etc., attributed to the fact that all artworks are hand painted.

Our goal is to make 100% hand painted artworks available at very reasonable price so that art lovers can afford an enjoy original hand painted artworks rather than a print copy.

For easy browsing it has been categorized into below four sub-categories.

  • Street Scene: Featuring artworks depicting unique landscapes of Nepal including typical street scenes, narrow alleys, pagoda style temples and hidden valleys of Nepal, these artworks are sure to mesmerize you and are one of the favorites among the art lovers who have visited Nepal.
  • Mountains: Quite popular among the hikers and mountain climbers as well as mountain lovers, this category specially features artworks depicting wonderful landscapes of Nepalese Himalayan mountain ranges such as Everest range, Annapurna range, Ganesh Himal range, just to name few etc.
  • People: For those who are interested in artworks portraying faces of various ethnicity of Nepal, daily life and composition of local Nepalese society, culture and tradition.
  • Birds and Animals: Birds and animal lovers, feel free to browse our collection of artworks of various species of birds and animals residing in different regions of Nepal.
  • Semi Abstracts: For those who are looking for Nepalese artworks across all the above categories but lesser in a realistic style and more specifically in a modern style.


2. EXCLUSIVE ARTS: This category comprises special artworks in various media and themes created by local as well as popular Nepalese artists which are exclusive original hand painted artworks and are unique piece of creation. This category includes abstract and semi-abstract artworks.

  • Abstract: Abstract in composition, all artworks in this category are non-figurative. While few of the artworks in this collection are depicting the inner feelings of the artists themselves, most of the creations are untitled; for you as the art lovers/viewers to self-portray your own inner feelings and expressions as it reverberate within your heart and mind while observing the artworks.
  • Figurative Abstract: Browse through our collection of exclusive semi-abstract artworks comprising figurative compositions primarily depicting love and affection.
  • Abstract Landscapes: Browse through our collection of exclusive semi-abstract artworks which are non-figurative in composition and primarily depicting unique landscapes of Nepal including typical street scenes, narrow alleys, pagoda style temples, hidden valleys of Nepal, etc.


3. ETCHINGS: This is a dedicated collection of artworks made with etching technique and are limited edition prints created by some of the well-known Nepalese artists specialized in etching art. It includes creations in various themes and subjects such as landscapes, festivals, god and goddess of Nepal, etc.

4. ARTISTIn this page you can browse all the exclusive artworks  of our featured Nepalese artists both well-known as well as emerging artists. In order to browse their individual artwork collections and their profile please browse through their exclusive collections.

5. PRINT PRODUCTSIn this page you can view our selection of print products that includes wall art prints like canvas prints, posters as well as various products of home decor and living items such as mugs and notebooks. These print products contain print of artworks from Nepal including mountain landscapes, streets scenes, cityscapes, figurative and non-figurative artworks and more. A a perfect souvenir to you or your closed ones as a reminder of your days in Nepal or simply to inspire you to visit Nepal. 

All wall art prints are produced via a trusted source who ensures consideration for environment and sustainability throughout the printing process. Accordingly, all art prints are printed via environmentally and climate-friendly print technology including energy-friendly production printers, energy-efficient toner, and FSC labelled print papers.