Collection: Quest for Peace, Fight for Freedom | Solo Art Exhibition by Suraj Sainju

Solidarity with Ukraine and tribute to the people of Ukraine in their pursuit of Peace and Freedom through the Power of Art. The artworks featured in this exhibition pays homage to the bravery and determination of those who refuse to succumb to adversity and remain dedicated to creating a better world for themselves and their communities.

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Exhibition theme

Suraj´s Solo Art Exhibition entitled "Quest for Peace, Fight for Freedom" pays tribute to the people of Ukraine who have endured bloodshed, displacement, and uncertainty in their pursuit of peace and freedom. The exhibited artwork reflects the goals and dreams of the Ukrainian people and aims to spread awareness of their battle and motivate others to take up the fight for freedom and peace.

Through the exhibition, the artists advocate for a world where peace and freedom can genuinely coexist. The paintings in the exhibition depict the difficult situations and resilience of the characters, inspiring hope for a brighter future. The exhibition serves as a reminder of the strength of the human spirit in the face of adversity and the value of fighting for peace and freedom.

Artist´s Statement

As an artist/painter, through this exhibition I am supporting people of Ukraine and expressing my solidarity for peace and liberty in Ukraine. Through my vivid colours, strong bush strokes and bold lines I fight against injustice, suppression and dominance. The varied colours of black, brown, dark blue, grey, red etc represent the chaotic elements in my paintings whilst the bright and light colours like white, yellow, light blue, light green, lavender etc represent hope and bright future ahead as well as hope and resilience of the Ukrainian people and their unyielding spirit in the face of adversity.

In some of my paintings I have used Prayer Flags as a symbol of happiness, peace, prosperity, good fortune, health and victory over the obstacles. Through these prayer flags I mean to encourage compassion, peace, strength, and wisdom among those suffered by the injustice.I hope that my art can raise awareness of the conflict in Ukraine and inspire others to join the fight for peace and freedom.

This exhibition is a tribute to the power of art to convey important messages and to the indomitable spirit of those who fight for what is right. With my art, I stand in solidarity with Ukraine and continue the Quest for Peace and the Fight for Freedom.

Press Release

Copenhagen, Denmark 25th May, 2003

Solo Art Exhibition titled "Quest for Peace, Fight for Freedom." by artist Suraj Sainju, honours Ukrainian struggle and inspires global solidarity. Art Plads ApS, a Nepalese contemporary art gallery based in Copenhagen, Denmark is proud to present solo art exhibition titled"Quest for Peace, Fight for Freedom."by artist Suraj Sainju. This remarkable showcase pays homage to the resilient people of Ukraine, who have faced immense challenges in their pursuit of peace and freedom. Through his evocative artwork, Suraj aims to ignite a sense of global solidarity and inspire individuals to take an active role in the fight for freedom and peace. Read more here

  • Quest for Peace, Fight for Freedom | Solo Art Exhibition by Suraj Sainju
  • Quest for Peace, Fight for Freedom | Solo Art Exhibition by Suraj Sainju
  • Quest for Peace, Fight for Freedom | Solo Art Exhibition by Suraj Sainju
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Suraj Sainju

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About Suraj Sainju - Artist | Painter | Entrepreneur

Suraj is a contemporary artist from Nepal based in Copenhagen, Denmark. He got exposed into the contemporary art world back in 2000´s when his family started a little art shop in Kathmandu which enhanced his curiosity into art field and led him to take art education and complete Intermediate in fine arts in 2003 and continued his study up to Bachelor's in Fine Arts 3rd year. He worked as a freelance artist and managed Everest Art gallery for a while until certain situation made him leave his art life and move to Denmark in 2011. After a decade of living and working in Denmark, he has reinvented his passion for art and the possibility of re-pursuing his career as an artist/painter.

He consider himself as an expressionist experimental artist where he likes to work with many different mediums like acrylic, oil, watercolour, charcoal and pastels on different materials like canvas, paper, wood, etc. He prefer not to confine himself to a particular medium, material or theme hence his paintings reflects wide variety of subjects; expressed and experimented in various medium and materials. However his favourite is charcoal drawings which allow him to move and express freely and create a momentum of liveliness in his paintings. Acrylic is also his favourite medium as he says -"It is the most durable medium and dries quickly which helps me create several layers of colour, brush strokes and texture on my canvas in order to produce depth and dimension.".

Artworks, theme and subject

Love, nature and diversified human culture have always been biggest inspiration for Suraj´s artworks. Hence most of his artworks express and reflect upon his appreciation for “True Love” and “Himalayan Landscapes of Nepal.”

In Suraj´s word - "Love is a journey, love is life and love is meditation. When love is true, it is pure and divine and can enlighten you. I have tried to express the importance and beauty of love through my charcoal drawings and paintings in my love themed paintings “Art for Love.

Likewise, "Mountain landscapes and Himalayas have been one of my favourite subjects to explore and express and I try to grasp the boldness yet calm and mysterious mountain through my vivid and vibrant colours on canvas in my art series "Impression Himalayas"

His recent artworks themed "Art for Peace" comprise of an art exhibition entitled "Quest for Peace, Fight for Freedom" It pays tribute to the people of Ukraine and express his solidarity for peace and liberty in Ukraine. Through his vivid colours, strong bush strokes and bold lines he fight against injustice, suppression and dominance.

Artist´s Statement

I see Art as an evolving process - a limitless, boundless and an infinite process of experimentation, investigation and creative discovery guided by ones perception, imagination and vision.

For me as an Artist, creating an artwork is an interpretation and manifestation of ones journey, ones dream and a meditation where you go deep into the inner-self and become conscious that body, mind and soul is one entity and the whole universe in within that one entity, thus "Appreciating the beauty of love, life and joyful living"

"I am an Artist" - a poetic statement

Gazing upon a blank canvas
I get lost into the abyss.
My mind initiates an expedition
wander ahead in search of a direction.

Boarding on a canvas, my little ferry
I paddle my brushes with emotions.
Rowing through the wave of colours
I sail into the sea, an endless voyage.

All of a sudden I fly with my imagination
up & high above, beyond the sky.
Exploring the mysterious universe
alas! a never-ending journey to the infinite.

Awakened from dream, back to the reality
I dig deep, deep into the self.
An excursion to the inner state
I excavate the meaning of life, joy of living and the beauty of love.

I feel the cosmic energy running through my veins
I sense all in one: body, mind and soul.
I see the infinite universe present within me
gradually I realize the Artist in me.

Colours, drawings and brushstrokes
these interpret my narrations.
My narrations are my creations
my creations are my manifestation.

I am a voyager
I am a dreamer
I am a meditator
I am a creator

I am an ARTIST.

- Suraj Prakash Sainju



- M.Sc. in Economics and Business Administration, University of Southern Denmark, Odense, Denmark (2014)
- Master in Business Studies (M.B.S), Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal (2005)
- Bachelor´s in Fin Arts (3rd year), Paintings, Lalit Kala Campus, Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu Nepal (2006)
- Intermediate in Fine Arts (I.F.A) Paintings, Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal (2003)

- Top 4 - a nationwide logo design competition, National Emblem of Nepal Government (Nishana chap), (2007)

Exhibitions, Workshops & Participations
- Participate in group painting exhibition, "Imagination of New Nepal", Kathmandu, Nepal (2007)

- Participate in ten days paintings workshop, "together@terrace" , Kathmandu, Nepal (2007)

- Participate in nationwide logo design competition, National Emblem of Nepal Government (2007)

- Group Art Exhibition, "Ten Days Atelier", Kathmandu, Nepal (2006)

- Participate in 10 days painting workshop program, Kathmandu, Nepal (2006)

- Participate in painting workshop, Kathmandu, Nepal (2003)

- Greeting Card Exhibition, France (2003)

- Participate in painting workshop, Kathmandu, Nepal (2003)

- Group Art Exhibition in Sikkim, "Birendra Art Festival" (2003)

- Participate in Special "Art Sale & Exhibition", Kathmandu, Nepal (2003)

- "A Group Exhibition of Paintings" (Executed by 1st year Fine Arts Student during 10 Days Workshop, Kathmandu, Nepal (2002)

- Participate in Postcards Workshops, Kathmandu, Nepal (2002)

- Participate in Poster Design Competition organised by UNDP, Kathmandu, Nepal (2002)

- Participate in "National Cartoon Competition", Kathmandu, Nepal (2002)

- Group Art Exhibition, "33rd National Art & Craft Exhibition", Kathmandu, Nepal (2002)

- Group Art Exhibition, 32nd National Art & Craft Exhibition", Kathmandu, Nepal (2002)

- Everest Art Gallery, Kathmandu, Nepal

- Private Collections (Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Korea, Japan, U.S.A, Denmark, Finland, U.K, France, Russia, Cambodia, Nigeria, Australia, Hong Kong, South Africa, Singapore)

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