Art Plads Presents "Quest for Peace, Fight for Freedom" by Nepali Artist Suraj Sainju

Copenhagen, Denmark 25th May, 2003

Solo Art Exhibition titled "Quest for Peace, Fight for Freedom." by artist Suraj Sainju, honours Ukrainian struggle and inspires global solidarity.

Art Plads ApS, a Nepalese contemporary art gallery based in Copenhagen, Denmark is proud to present solo art exhibition titled "Quest for Peace, Fight for Freedom." by artist Suraj Sainju. This remarkable showcase pays homage to the resilient people of Ukraine, who have faced immense challenges in their pursuit of peace and freedom. Through his evocative artwork, Suraj aims to ignite a sense of global solidarity and inspire individuals to take an active role in the fight for freedom and peace.

With bold brush strokes, vibrant colours, and expressive lines, Suraj's art captures the resilience and strength exhibited by those who have faced adversity. The artist employs a striking interplay of colours, with dark hues representing chaos and turmoil, while bright and vibrant tones symbolize hope and the promise of a brighter future. Within the artwork, Suraj incorporates prayer flags as a poignant symbol of unity, compassion, and resilience.

This exhibition transcends traditional artistic expression, serving as a powerful call to action. It urges visitors to contemplate the universal values of justice, liberty, and equality, and to recognize the transformative potential of art as a catalyst for change. “This exhibition is a tribute to the power of art to convey important message and to the indomitable spirit of those who fight for what is right” says Suraj.

By immersing themselves in Suraj's thought-provoking pieces, viewers are encouraged to reflect on their role in advocating for peace and freedom in their own lives and communities. This exhibition is a testament to Suraj's unwavering dedication as an artist and his commitment to using his talent to make a difference in the world. “With my art, I stand in solidarity with Ukraine and continue the Quest for Peace and the Fight for Freedom”, Suraj adds.

The exhibition is currently held at Art Plads’s premise, from 25th of May until 30th of June 2003 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Art enthusiasts, supporters of peace, and those seeking inspiration are invited to experience Suraj Sainju's captivating artworks first-hand.

Join the artist on this meaningful journey and together, let us embrace the power of art to transcend borders, unite communities, and ignite change.

About Suraj Sainju:

Suraj Sainju is a contemporary artist hailing from Nepal and currently residing in Copenhagen, Denmark. His passion for art was kindled in the early 2000s when his family established Everest Art Gallery in Kathmandu. Suraj pursued formal art education and went on to complete Intermediate in Fine Arts and continued up to bachelor’s degree. After a decade-long hiatus from the art world, he rekindled his artistic passion in Denmark, exploring various mediums and themes. Suraj's artwork often draws inspiration from love, nature, and the diverse cultures of humanity. Through his expressive paintings and drawings, he aims to evoke emotions, provoke thought, and celebrate the beauty of life.

View Suraj´s exhibition online HERE.

Due to family emergency, Suraj is currently in Nepal while his exhibition continues in Copenhagen, Denmark. Hence, if you are in Nepal and interested to meet the artist in person and know more about the exhibition, he can be contacted at Everest Art Gallery, Bansbari Kathmandu Nepal (Opposite of Nepal Medical Council)

For more information, interview requests, or media inquiries, please contact:

Media Contact:
Suraj Sainju
Cell: +45 28433464 (Denmark)
Cell: 9818267290 (Kathmandu, Nepal)
Cell: 9841549384 (Everest Art Gallery, Kathmandu, Nepal)

Art Plads
Cell: +45 61144216

Notes to the Editors:
High-resolution images and additional artwork samples are available upon request.