Collection: The Bright Episode | Soham's Solo Painting Exhibition

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The Theme

My paintings depict children’s life situations, resilience, aspirations and their transition into the bright episode of their lives. A COMMON THEME IN ALL MY PAINTINGS IS THAT THEY capture HAPPINESS and bright side of life.

Positive thoughts attract pleasing life situations. may the collectors/ viewers of my paintings attract all the goodness and happiness in life.

- Soham


Soham's paintings are expressive and inspiring, and reflect the richness and diversity of children’s world with full of hopes, joy, harmony and tolerance. His figurative and abstract paintings are predominated with hues of purple, blue, brown, green and orange. Soham considers himself an expressionist experimental artist, and his statement is “Appreciating the beauty of love, life and joyful living".

- Dr. Inda Citraninda Noerhadi SS., MA., Director, Cemara 6 Galeri-Museum, Indonesia

Soham's solo exhibition portrays his inner most feelings largely affected and influenced by his several years of professional experience. We are delighted to showcase his artworks in our online art gallery.

- Suraj, Director, ArtPlads, Copenhagen, Denmark

Soham's semi-abstract figurative paintings of children with defined optimistic gestures are a clear departure from his previous abstract expressionist paintings which mostly revolved around the theme of dilemma and ambiguity. With bold black strokes and vibrant colors Soham does not hesitate to express with any color spectrum, and is an "intensely optimistic" artist.

- Laxmi Prakash, Director, Everest Art Gallery, Kathmandu, Nepal

The Artist

Soham (Sabin Sainju) had a passion for painting ever since his childhood, and he holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts (BFA). He started displaying his paintings for public in Everest Art Gallery, Kathmandu, Nepal, and has participated in several group painting exhibitions, installations, and performance arts. He eventually debuted his first solo exhibition entitled “Confronting Transitional period, a Nation-Wide Dilemma… ” in 2007 in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Currently, Soham is also working for underprivileged children as a Child Protection Officer in UNHCR Jakarta, Indonesia.

Email:; Cell: +6281380920225

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