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Suraj Sainju

Ice and Fire

Ice and Fire

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Abstract art "Ice and Fire" depicts the opposing forces of nature and the struggle between them. It shows the dynamic interplay between ice, which symbolizes the cold, dark, and dormant forces, and fire, which represents the warmth, energy, and passion of life. The painting is a metaphor for the constant tension between opposing forces in our world, and how they interact to create a harmonious balance. The ice colour like white and light tones of yellow, green and red are juxtaposed with the warm red and orange hues of the flames along with black and darker tone of blues, creating a dynamic and striking composition. The painting encourages viewers to reflect on the duality of nature, the power of opposing forces, and the beauty that emerges from the interplay between them. Through "Ice and Fire," I hope to inspire viewers to appreciate the complexity of our world and to embrace the beauty of balance and harmony. 

Featured in Solo Art Exhibition by Suraj Sainju - "Quest for Peace, Fight for Freedom" 

Artist: Suraj Sainju

Size (cm)(Length X Breadth): 80 x 80 cm

Medium: Mixed Media

Material: Canvas

Reference: SUR-C-106

Orientation: Square

Shipped from: Denmark

Authenticity: Original | hand painted | signed by artist

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