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Suraj Sainju

Power and Dominance

Power and Dominance

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An acrylic colour painting on canvas entitled "Power and Dominance" is a poignant representation of the devastating impact of conflict and oppression on humanity. The choice of colours - red, black, brown, and grey - is sobering and evokes a sense of the anguish and trauma endured by those who have fought for their liberty. Yet, the painting also conveys a spirit of fortitude and resistance. The use of bold brush stroke, spontaneous colour flow and shape implies an unwavering resolve to confront those who seek to subjugate and rule. Through this artwork, the artist pays tribute to those people's tenacity and valour as they continue to stand up for their fundamental rights and dignity amid enormous challenges.

Artist: Suraj Sainju

Size (cm)(Length X Breadth): 60 x 60 cm

Medium: Acrylic Colour

Material: Canvas

Reference: SUR-C-111

Orientation: Square

Shipped from: Denmark

Authenticity: Original | hand painted | signed by artist

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