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Suraj Sainju

Unbreakable Spirit

Unbreakable Spirit

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As an artist and a human being, I am constantly inspired by the resilience and strength of the human spirit. The Acrylic painting on canvas entitled Unbreakable Spirit," seeks to capture this powerful force through bold colours and dynamic shapes. The painting embodies the idea that no matter what challenges we face, we are capable of overcoming them with grit, determination, and an unbreakable spirit. Each brushstroke and each colour choice in this piece was made with intention, aiming to create a visual representation of the human ability to persevere and thrive in even the toughest of circumstances. I hope that this painting serves as a reminder of the incredible power that lies within each and every one of us, and inspires viewers to tap into their own unbreakable spirit.

Featured in Solo Art Exhibition by Suraj Sainju - "Quest for Peace, Fight for Freedom" 

Artist: Suraj Sainju

Size (cm)(Length X Breadth): 100 x 80 cm

Medium: Acrylic Colour

Material: Canvas

Reference: SUR-C-117

Orientation: Horizontal

Shipped from: Denmark

Authenticity: Original | hand painted | signed by artist

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